Ben Elgan is a Doctoral Student at the University of Florida, pursuing a degree in Trumpet Performance. He has taught courses in Jazz Fundamentals, Jazz Improvisation, and Jazz History, and has instructed over a thousand students online for higher education. As a performer, he has played professionally across the musical spectrum from solo work to commercial music and classical performance. As a researcher, he has presented his ideas on mouthpiece design and its effects on perceived sound at institutions of higher learning and is currently working on a Cognate in Mechanical Design to further these ideas. His recent research into trumpet mouthpiece cups focuses on increasing performer utility, reinforcing harmonics, and improving the performer-instrument interface. He also premiered his original work at the International Trumpet Guild 2019 Conference in Miami, Florida and continues to output original arrangements and compositions to expand the body of available repertoire for classical and commercial musicians alike.

A crossover trumpeter, his professional performance credits include productions of The Wiz, The Music Man, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, as well as in groups such as the Andrew Theilen Big Band, the Auburn Knights Jazz Orchestra, Act of Congress, and Nationwide Coverage. He has also performed in conferences such as the Southeastern Conference Symposium, the International Trumpet Guild Conference, the National Trumpet Competition, and the Alabama Music Educator’s Association conference.


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