Broken Mirror - Solo for Multiple Trumpets and Electronics

About the Work:


In Spring of 2018, Composer Brendan Sweeney partnered with trumpeter Ben Elgan to create a new piece for Solo Trumpet and Electronics. Diving into the aesthetics of a “Broken Mirror” and the concept of altered reflections, the piece will be at home on any solo recital program. The electronic element will be fixed media playback and the sound world will be created with a combination of MAX7 interface-based tools and different utilizations of common sound processing techniques. 


About the Composer


Brendan Sweeney is a composer and performer currently living in Gainesville, FL. His work has been performed across the United States. His musical and compositional interests cover a wide variety of styles and techniques, including post-minimalism, serialism, jazz, and electroacoustic music. Brendan has been in recent demand to create works for different New Music Ensembles, including commissions from the Hutchens - Myers Duo and the of Of Wood and Wind Trio out of North Carolina, The _____ Experiment out of Michigan, and the EUba Quartet from Ontario, Canada. His annual summer consortium brings together rising performers from across the country to create a new work for their medium.

Composer Brendan Sweeney

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