Masterclasses and Lectures


Trumpet - Understanding and Internalizing Efficiency and Ease ​of Playing

A guided experience for small to large brass studios. Masterclass focuses on resonance and efficiency through constructing good resonant structures and vocal technique.

Lead Trumpet/Jazz - Leading a Jazz Ensemble, a study in Articulation and Style

A call-and-response style masterclass designed for a trumpet section in a big band, or for a commercial trumpet studio. This class focuses on the use of articulation and sound in order to dictate appropriate style, time, and cut-offs for an ensemble.


Performance - Meeting the Demands of the Modern Trumpeter 

This hour long lecture focuses on the current demands on the modern trumpet player and how to navigate the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis. Focuses on efficiency of practice and appropriate idiomatic study of the many styles trumpet players are asked to perform.

Performance and Instrument Design - The Right Tool for the Job 

This one to three hour lecture covers equipment selection and design elements in the modern trumpet and mouthpiece. The three hour lecture also includes a hands-on experience and fitting session for participants to try mouthpieces and horns designed through current research on efficiency and resonance.

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